The Ruth journey


What happened to Ruth at the earlier days of her youth is not something the Beyond makeup woman would ever wish for…She had lost her husband and with all the years they had been married there was so single child to show for it,I wouldn’t want to imagine how sad she must have been 😢….  In all that happened she still clinged to her mother in law (Naomi),even though Naomi had asked he to go back to her people,she refused!…This simply signifies the level of relationship she had with her mother_in_law,okay so now as a beyond makeup lady, where did you ever get this idea that your mother-in-law must die before you wed their sons 🤣🤣🤣….God forgive me too,I was once like that,I thought it’s only her absence that could guarantee peace when I eventually get married…I already asked God for forgiveness ooo😁…   The only thing Ruth had left as she journeyed with Naomi was her faith!!!She stepped out in faith and just journeyed into the unknown,what a great level of Faith!!!     Just like Ruth who told you the purpose journey would be all smooth and Rosy,who told you there won’t be times you’d feel extremely drained,who told you you’d sail your boat freely in the sea of destiny without experiencing one storm or the other??? I want you to know that just like the Ruth journey,your journey won’t be that smooth..there are times when your present pain might be shaping you for that glorious future ahead of you. Let yourself through that process,that death of loved one,that academic failure,it’s all stages of Rebirth… Dear Beyond makeup woman, you will evolve past that pain!!!…Reading through the book of Ruth chapter 2_4 we eventually saw what became of her…       


1. Ruth did not look back.    Do you know what faith is?Faith is not looking back…Faith is God calling you out of your father’s house like Abraham to a land you don’t know and you step out as instructed…Faith is not being bothered on the next step because you know he wouldn’t have called you out if he had not made any provision for you…..
Faith is trusting completely,not looking back and not doubting the one who has called you…  The beyond makeup woman is one who follows God closely not wavering in faith

2. Evolve past your PAST      This is very important as you step out in faith,never allow your past to hold you down …Do not sink in your past…Ruth had the choice of going back to her people,covering herself with ashes and sackcloth like widows in the old testament but she didn’t…. covering herself with ashes in this context means allowing herself to be clothed in her PAST….That something bad has happened to you in the past doesn’t mean good tidings ain’t coming your way again…God has a way of weaving beautiful pattern from the disparate threads of our livesGlory!!!

3. Respect every motherly/sisterly figure along the journeyI want you to note the word godly..There are some people God will intentionally place in our lives just as Naomi was placed in Ruth’s life, please never let go of them…It could be someone older than you,it could be a friend,it could even be someone you’re older than, please hold them dearly…It is important!!!

4. Do not lose faithThis has been my favorite anchor for a couple of months now….Even if after stepping out and things don’t seem to take shape, don’t lose faith!Been seeking the face of God and you’ve not seen the result,don’t lose faith!When it feels like your whole life is crooked, remember there is a God who specializes in making crooked lives straight!Ruth didn’t look back, neither should you!
Ruth kept the faith,so should you!
Lastly I want you to know that circumstances open doors for the next thing on God’s agenda💜💜💜#The Ruth journey #The beyond makeup woman #The beyond makeup journey

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