This is a very important tool even as we go on the Beyond makeup journey(purpose journey)….

Life is in stages,there is a time and season for everything under the sun,a time to laugh,a time to cry,a time to be born,a time to die and so on…. Like I said earlier, life is In stages, you don’t get to remain a baby forever 😊… just like the journey of an insect from Egg to Larvae to pupa and finally to an Adult…. There’s a new and different level of responsibility attached to each phase🤗…How do we handle these phases as ladies, please follow closely 👯


1. LEAVE. To leave is to let go!

Hello sis;. Leave that toxic friendship!!! Leave that terrible past!!!! Leave that environment if all you do there is sin against God!!! Leaving behind is the first stage/process of growth….I know it will be hard,it will tear you up,it will give you sleepless nights, you will doubt God’s promises for your life but you just have to leave the past you….The past you that doesn’t forgive,the past you that have suffered in the hands of men,the past you that have been sexually abused,the past you that suffered neglect, you just have to put it all behind you….You don’t grow without leaving a phase.. if you really wanna grow you need to evolve past your pain,forgive them and move on. I hope you still remember that extra baggages would slow your purpose journey down….

Genesis 12:2;God told Abraham ‘leave your country,leave your father’s home for a land I will show you…it went further in verses 3_4 to assure him of the blessings that would follow after LEAVING….

One reason why God told him to leave was to let go of his past,God knew he wouldn’t grow there,God knew his purposes won’t be fufilled until he LEAVES

He said ‘To a land I will show you”, I want you to know that God won’t ask you to leave without making a divine provision for you girl👯… He won’t ask you to leave your past if he has not prepared a better future for you!!! He won’t ask you to leave that environment if where he’s taking you to is not filled with milk and honey!!! He won’t ask you to leave that job if he has not made provision on how to feed you!!!!

Ruth taught me how to step out in faith… Naomi made me realize that if God shows me a land and tells me to move there even with no dime in my account,he must have made a divine provision for me…

The other part to this now has to do with guys,if you are in a courtship and he is already hinting you of how he plans to remain in his Father’s house even after marriage, please run from such guy😂……The bible says “leave and cleave” not “stay and cleave” 😎…you mean God that told Abraham to leave didn’t know what he was saying abi🙄…..That guy has no vision please Leave him oooo🤣🤣🤣…..

Some greatness won’t be birthed unless you leave!!!

2. HEAL. To heal is revive,to resuscitate,to recover. Job 14:7_9 verse 7 says for a tree there is always HOPE; this means that for every situation the beyond makeup woman finds herself she should be remindedt that there’s Hope….Hope gives you a reason to keep living,it gives you a reason to heal…

Hope tells you that you may be pressed,heavily pressed but can’t be crushed… The scripture now goes further to say THERE IS STILL HOPE,CHOP IT DOWN AND IT STILL HAS A CHANCE…..That shows that even in your broken state as long as you have hope, you’ll thrive, you’ll heal…the moment you realize that Jesus is your hope, he’ll help you figure out how to heal… 3.

3. LIVE. Now that you have left your past and you have healed…it’s time to Live,time to keep growing….Do not give room for self condemnation again….The scripture made it known to us in Romans 8:1_2 that a new power and a new life is in us so there’s no room for condemnation again….


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