Providence is the character that depicts the provision of God for mankind… It is very important for a Beyond makeup woman to understand this concept,if you’re well grounded in the knowledge of Providence then you know everything about God… I want to share with you a short story👇… Priscilla Shirer,a mother of three (the war wife in war room,guess you’d have seen the movie 😊),shared on her YouTube the conversation she had with her 9year old son about how she asked him what he wanted to become when he grows up….The boy told her mum she wanted to be like her when he grows up and she was so happy….. She thought he wanted to become an actor or a preacher like her 😊…. Then the boy said “mum I want to do nothing just like you”🤣🤣🤣… She said who prepares your meal?,who irons your shirts,who dresses you up for school?,who ensures you are well kept?

And then I realized we are just like the young boy…we do not take note of the minute things God does for us, going out and coming back home safely,gift of shelter, provision of food, clothing and so much more…

We feel that when God is silent,he is doing little or nothing for us😢… May God forgive us😢. PROVIDENCE is Understanding that even in the midst of trials,God is working! PROVIDENCE is Understanding that even when it’s not feasible,God is still working! PROVIDENCE is Understanding the sovereignty of God! PROVIDENCE is knowing that God is orchestrating the details of our lives! PROVIDENCE is Jeremiah 29:11; your life is going just as God planned it! PROVIDENCE is God going before you to set up answers to problems you’ve not even encountered just like the case of King saul!


1. All that you will ever need comes from God. Psalms 104:21 says young lion look up to God and clamour for their supper. Understanding providence helps you realize that everything you want to become,your career,that desired marriage,that financial breakthrough comes from God….. Quit trying to work things out yourself,stop struggling with him, everything comes from him!

2. All that you will ever need has been provided for. Psalms 65:9-10 shows the level of provision he has made for humans…. Have you ever wondered why he created plants,animals and some basic amenities before he created Man🤔. He knew we would definitely get hungry…. He made provision to clothe and feed you the moment he breathed the breath of life into you…

3. Understanding Providence pushes you to God. According to job 5:7-10,Providence reminds you that in all that happens to you God is fully aware of it so why would you run away from him,why would you seek for solutions elsewhere when you can turn to the one who created you?…it is normal for the storm to keep raging but it is needful to Run to God!

Proverbs 22:3 made us realize that we serve a God who has foresight,A God who has looked through the future and is preparing you for it right now, you were cloned specially for his purpose… Psalms 77:13;providence is God’s way! Leviticus 18:4;Providence is God’s ordinance! Hebrews 1:3;Providence is God’s upholding! 1peter5:7;Providence is God’s care!

The devil tells you you’re going to sink in that raging storm,providence reminds you that Jesus is in your boat! The devil tries to make you feel forgotten or feel lonely in that situation,Providence reminds you that just like the three Hebrews you have a companion! The devil scares you with death, Providence reminds you that the psalmist says you’ll enter your grave at your full age,it’s not now! The devil scares you when it comes to choosing a life partner,Providence reminds you that just like Queen Esther,you will find favour with the right person! The devil is trying to hold you down with your past,Providence reminds you that just like Ruth God won’t ask you to leave your past if he has not prepared a better future for you!!!

#The beyond makeup woman. #The beyond makeup journey. SHALOM!!!

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