A Queen is not just a title…It is a state of being, a woman only attains this milestone after years of self work emotional healing,mental refreshment and spiritual maturation (Excerpts from The Relentless woman)…At this point she doesn’t have to prove to anyone that a QUEENDOM has been established…

QUEENDOM is the establishment of the kingdom of God in a woman…Esther became a Queen where she had been taken captive and one out of many lessons to learn from this is that you don’t become a Queen without passing through the “Captivity” period…Some challenges are meant to shape out the Queen in you..For every situation you find yourself,stop finding fault or looking for someone to put the blame on, just make use of it to your advantage….Everyone has to go through the Captive period…
Let’s go through the STAGES OF ESTHER’S QUEENDOM (Esther 2_4);

1. SHE LIVED IN EXILE (in captivity) According to the scripture, Esther and some other Jews were scattered through Persia after been taken captive to Babylon.When I went on net to check that history,I discovered that they have been granted freedom to go back home(Jerusalem) but they stayed back because they had nothing at Jerusalem to fall back on,so they remained in exile…Her being in exile signifies that there is high probability that she may not have access to good food,good clothes,Nice shelter and some other basic amenities 😢…Listen carefully, you won’t be the first person to go through that problem,it’s a cross you have to bear,others will bear theirs too..some people have even gone through worse phase than yours…You don’t have an excuse, learn from Esther….Most times we have to go through the Exile to get to the palace….What God does in the exile period is to shape out the Queen in you

2. SHE WAS AN ORPHAN(Esther2:9) made us understand that she had lost both parent and was living with her uncle, Mordecai….Her uncle raised her up and one thing he did well was nurturing the Queen in her…She didn’t take advantage of her being an orphan to disappoint God nor her Mordecai…We’ve seen ladies in this generation that use this as an excuse to destroy their lives,they keep holding on to the fact that they have no one to help them….Do bear in mind that God is not interested in your background before he crowns you a Queen…
It’s okay to be an orphan,it’s okay that you have no one to help you but that won’t stop God from building a QUEENDOM through you… 

3. A VASHTI WAS DETHRONED. For every Rise of Esther, a vashti has to be dethroned”Vashti signifies hindrances, blockages…Isaiah 43:19 says God is making a road through the dessert and rivers in the bad lands(msg version)…If you look through the scripture you’ll be amazed at how God paves way for his children,that’s real love😚💖…In the process of God birthday a Queendom for Esther,vashti was dethroned…This signifies how God goes to any length to make sure that we don’t suffer twice,we can’t go through the Exile twice,hence the need for a vashti to be dethroned…So briefly let’s go through some LESSONS FROM ESTHER’S QUEENDOM;

1. God has a plan for you

Now Esther had gotten to the palace and due to envy for Mordecai,Haman made a decree that the Jews be killed…Mordecai had to send a message to Esther (Esther 4:14), He said “who knows but that you have come to the royal house at a time like this?”It is imperative that you know that wherever God has placed you, you’re there to assist in the delivery of God’s divine plan ..He didn’t bring you from the exile to the palace just to sit down,get your spa done and have good meals….Here comes the role of intercession Queens.

2. We are given divine moments to alter circumstances As believers there are no such things coincidence,fate,luck or fortune 🙄…God’s timing is providential…Esther’s divine moment came by accepting her responsibility to go in to the king…”If I perish I perish”!!! God uses people who are ready…Just make sure you’re useful where God has placed you…

3. Fasting and prayer brings hope for deliverance and clarity

God was not mentioned in the book of Esther,not even once but Esther knew A DIVINE RESPONSE WAS NEEDED FOR AN EARTHLY SITUATION…Esther needed direction so she declared fasting.. when we need God’s grace, fasting and prayer opens the portals for spiritual growth,removes distraction and places us on a path of humility….

4. God uses everything and everybody for his divine purpose

I want us to know that God would never leave any part of our lives untouched…He is in control of every aspect according to hebrews 2:8,the best thing is just to surrender to his will…

Hey Queen,i want you to know this day that every pain, every disappointment is meant to shape you…All you have to do in your exile period is stay calm,hold on to your faith and follow God closely….It’s almost time to get into the palace,Don’t lose faith yet …

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  1. I am not a lady.
    But, I am blessed.
    More have to the ministry.
    God is bringing to them more ideas and wisdom.
    Thank you @BMWoman

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