The dictionary describes a shepherd as someone who tends a sheep…
A shepherd is otherwise described as someone who guides and guard a flock of sheep…

A sheep is a timid and shy animal and this makes it very easy to guide them…
The shepherd has so many attributes which includes; providing comfort,guiding, guarding, looking after, basically all he does is to never lead the sheep astray….In Nigeria today,we see the extent to which the Fulani herdsmen go for their cattle,when he sees a blockage he wouldn’t mind destroying it even if it means killing his fellow human 😊(God is not wicked like the Fulani herdsmen but he has a way of taking off every form of hindrance, remember vashti was dethroned for Esther to be enthroned)…

Have you ever seen a group/flock of goats have a shepherd?…The answer is No of course


A goat can’t be easily watched over unless you want to die early 🤣,a goat won’t surrender easily,a goat is stubborn…..The ability to listen to every details makes work easier for a shepherd and of course he can never get that from a goat…
Unlike the goat a sheep is timid,he surrenders easily,he follows the shepherd gullibly!

At times being gullible doesn’t attribute us to being daft,it simply means we have discovered that Christ is our wisdom (1corinthians 4:10 AMP:We are [looked upon as] fools on account of Christ and for His sake, but you are [supposedly] so amazingly wise and prudent in Christ! We are weak, but you are [so very] strong! You are highly esteemed, but we are in disrepute and contempt!)…A sheep follows gullibly…

Until you have mastered the act of following God gullibly,I’m sorry to inform you that you’re still a goat

So briefly let’s examine the SHEPHERD-SHEEP RELATIONSHIP;

Psalms 23:1 says “The lord is my shepherd” while John 10:14 states that “I know my sheep and my sheep knows me”…..The implication of this is that even though you claim psalm23:1 at the slightest headache,John 10:14 is established already 😂…..I’m trying to figure out the expression on God’s face when you’ve not done his will in recent times but claim he is your shepherd,God be like 😏…..
So what makes you think you’re part of his pasture?

Remember those instructions he gave you,did you follow closely?….. Around June this year God told me specifically to dedicate that month to Thanksgiving even though I had pressing needs, after offering Thanksgiving prayers for like 4days I guess,I started requesting for something else(poor me😂)….when it was time to study the scripture and God just led me to Psalms 23 I was so happy digesting those verses until he called me a GOAT 🤣…
A whole fine girl like me,he called me a goat🤣🤣🤣….He said to me “if I am your shepherd like you claim,you would have followed my instructions to the latter”…

I need you to ruminate on times you have had to boycott his will because you felt it was not too satisfactory,think on times you have had to source for an alternative even when you had an existing divine instruction,think on times you have pretended like you didn’t hear him clearly,I want to gladly Inform you that you’re still a goat…
It’s okay to have being a goat once,he left the 99 in search of just one,you’re that one he’s calling out for today….
Go back to him, Approach the throne of Grace,he still loves and cares for you….

It’s time to return to the sheep nature!
With love from the Beyond makeup woman 🤗💖💝💗💜

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