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In our previous sheep-shepherd relationship episode we were made to realize the function of a sheep and a shepherd,we talked about the attributes of a goat too…..We discovered that our ability to follow God gullibly even when the vision seems blur doesn’t mean we’re fools,it’s just the sheep nature we have to possess as we walk with God….
So let us briefly examine what this whole relationship between the sheep and the shepherd looks like…

  1. THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD(the shepherd knows his sheep)
    In John 10:14 the scripture says “I know my sheep and my sheep knows me”
    Psalm 23:1 says the lord is my shepherd
    The link between this two scriptures is that if you like claim Psalms 23:1 till eternity John 10:14 is established already …the question now is what makes you think you’re part of the sheep of his pasture?
    Remember those instructions he gave you,did you follow closely?
    Things would start working out for us when we start following his instructions to the latter…you can’t follow your shepherd closely and have issues,even when you do he’ll show up for you…
    If you’re still strong headed, wicked, impatient, unforgiving, greedy, stubborn,you still have the goat nature in you….Until your self will is killed or surrendered the shepherd cannot afford to have a goat amidst his flock…
    Verse 1 goes further to say “I shall not want”
    He said “I shall not want” both as a declaration and as a decision.
    A. As a declaration
    I shall not want means all my needs are supplied by the lord my shepherd….A shepherd will definitely provide for the needs of his sheep(psalm 68:19)
    B.As a decision
    I shall not want means I decide not to desire more than what the lord my shepherd gives(read this again)…….until you stop desiring more than what God can give you,you’re still a goat…one attribute of a goat is breaking into other people’s compound and desiring more than what his owner has to offer….Do not desire more than he gives you,stop being a goat…
    Vs2 “he maketh me to lie down in green pasture,he leads me beside the still waters..
    a. He maketh me to lie down;
    Psalm 3:5 says he laid me down and slept,I awaked for the lord sustained me…Back to Genesis 2:2 the scripture says on the seventh day God finished his work he rested….This shows that even the shepherd knows the importance of rest……
    The implication of psalm 23.2 is that a sheep doesn’t always know what’s best for itself so it needs help from the shepherd…Do you know sometimes you have to lay down so that God can rise for your help…Quit trying to rise to every problems,many times all we need to win a battle is by laying down…
    The shepherd will not just allow me to lay down,he will lay me down in GREEN PASTURES;
    The shepherd knows the best place to make his sheep rest and he faithfully guides them to green pastures…..All you need to get to green pastures is just by laying down and trusting the shepherd…. If you stop trusting the shepherd you’ll continue to feed on wilted pastures….
    You only get to lay down because the shepherd has dealt with fear, friction, famine and has fought some battles for you…..So him leading you beside the still waters implies he will bring you to a place with a sense of comfort,care and rest….
    Vs3: a)he restores my soul. b)he leads me in the paths of righteousness. C)for his name’s sake
    A). he restores my soul
    To restore is to rescue,to bring back,to restore a lost one(Remember how he left the 99 in search of one)…..
    It is possible for a a once timid, gullible sheep to go astray…
    It is possible for him to stray away from the flock, infact most times God allows it so the sheep would understand the value of his shepherd…
    Attimes he intentionally allows you to stray away, fight your battles yourself,feed on wilted pastures so we would realize how weak we are……you’re only strengthened due to the presence of the shepherd…
    B) he leads me
    One attribute of the shepherd is to lead….As a sheep you don’t need to know where the green pastures or the still waters are,all you need to know is where the shepherd is and then he leads…
    C) For his name’s sake
    The shepherd guides the sheep with an overarching view to the credit and glory of the sheep…. just like our parents would train us so we would not bring shame to the family’s name(the family’s name has to be protected na)…….
    For his name’s sake; To display the glory of his grace and not on account of any merit of me…. God’s motive towards the children of men are derived from the perfections of his name, everything he does is to protect his name…..

We need to pause here at the moment,we would have a concluding part to this series before January 10th…
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