Ten virgins in pursuit of love set out for a lifetime journey,of course the dream of an average lady is to fall in love with a responsible man and someday walk down the isle with him.
Five of the Virgins had extra oil,the other five had no extra oil…
The bible never recorded where they got the lamp,it only states that they took extra oils with them…

In the spiritual sense,each of them(the virgins) were given the lamps which of course is synonymous to divine agendas,all they ever needed to do was to keep fuelling the lamp!!!
The implication of this is that divine agendas will still require physical nurturing…The purpose of the extra oil was to keep refuelling the lamp so it doesn’t die out….

The scripture says “God saw that it’s not good that the man would be alone”,so he created Eve to be his helpmeet….God had a purpose for Eve’s existence…. Purpose fuels a love story!….
Five of these ladies knew it was beyond the mushy feeling they felt on the day he proposed,they knew it was beyond lunch time out,the baecations and dinners,they needed something that would help them shine through in the midst of darkness….

Note; The lamp served as a form of light so they won’t lose direction,they had to keep the light from dying out because if it did,they could be subjected to danger or end up losing direction…..The lamp here is synonymous to purpose….You can never lose direction with purpose…

Only five of the virgins had their lamps filled with oils and still took extra oil….
It is not a sin that you’re head over heels that guy,it is not a sin to read your chats when he’s offline and giggle, neither is it a sin to remember one of his jokes and chuckle but it will be a great disaster to go on a lifetime journey with him without knowing why God is bringing you guys together…

The question should be “why are we in each other’s lives”….. There’s a hike in divorce rate around the world because most people get married all in the name of love….No vision,No mission😭… time went on their spouses did something painful to them and they just opt in for divorce……There are still couples who have spent over 25years in their marriages and no matter how much their spouses could hurt them,they did not leave because they knew God’s purposes for them…. Only purpose keeps and guards a love story!

The best part of this story for me was when the bridegroom’s arrival was announced, that was when they knew they had to beg for oil,the wise ones even advised them to go buy theirs….. Purpose won’t have you go far with everyone, learn how to cut people off politely,they didn’t abuse them,they even advised them….Cut people off politely…

In conclusion,for a long years now,I had always thought within myself,it wasn’t as if the scripture stated it that the bridegroom had lamp himself na,I felt he had no right to shut the door against the foolish ones…until recently that a friend of mine made me realize that “ladies are custodians of the lamp” and then I discovered that although the bridegroom had no lamp either,it was his duty to keep both the virgins and their lamps safely,more reason he shut the door at their arrival…
Who you marry will either help give a clearer definition to your purpose or help abort it!

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