God is ever faithful!



Textual inference:Ruth 1-4

According to the scripture there was a famine in the land so a certain man named Elimelech moved out of the country with his wife (Naomi) and his two sons

After a while the husband died and she took wives for her son(orpah and Ruth respectively) and they dwelt in the land for ten years after which both sons died too…Some situations will leave you asking “God why”? but I discovered God intentionally leaves some huge question marks in our lives as a tool to stretch our faith….

Now the scripture says “then she arose with her daughter’s in-laws”,the first thing I learnt from this is that when you find yourself in a state of emotional breakdown the first step should be “how do I arise?,how do I get out of this?”…..But the devil would rather have us saying “who did this to me?,God why?it shouldn’t have been me” and this is because he’s aware that the moment you start thinking on how to arise/get off that situation,victory begins.

Now when Naomi was to leave, the scripture has it that she left with orpah and Ruth even though they had no child for her late sons,she could have decided to vent her grief or pains on them,at least if they had kids for her late sons it would have been a source of succour for her… comes another lesson; Learn how to tame your anger or griefs,stop passing it out on others…I have seen ladies who carry the hurts/pains of their previous relationships to subsequent ones,it’s very wrong….You’re a Queen and it would be difficult to walk in authority carrying previous hurts along.

Naomi took her daughter in-laws to a place of safety before she decided to part with them even though it was only Ruth that stayed back….. at least we have a biblical inference that it is still possible to have a smooth relationship with mother in-laws without wishing them dead aheadst your wedding day…

On returning home, Ruth went out to the field and there she found Boaz…..There are some favours in life that you won’t attract to yourself until you leave your comfort zone,until you have channeled your pain properly,you are too weighty to be locked up in one painful phase of your life…. There’s a stature needed to accommodate God’s intention for your life and just like Ruth you have to get up and take a huge step,do something,you shouldn’t be idle!…

Your identity is very important to your assignment and it is because of what you carry within the you’ll go through some phases in life….Every woman that would raise a generation for God will go through some stretchy phases,look at Mary the mother of Jesus,now look at Ruth…..The gospel of Christ grew this big because those women refused to get locked up in one painful phase of life,they choose to rise in all situations!

For every true daughter of Zion, emotional setbacks only brings you to a BOAZ!…… Finding Boaz signifies finding favour with God….

Note: God is committed to process and he’s definitely more interested in who you become in the process of shaping you….Ruth was favoured because she learnt to channel her hurts/griefs in the right direction….If you want to attract this kind of favour too,you need to overcome your hurts first and this can only be done through the help of the comforter,the holyspirit,call on him,he’s never far😊

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